Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter

Dear families, Today, I share another helpful article from Love and Logic guru, Dr. Charles Fay: Those familiar with Love and Logic hear a great deal about empathy and know that sincere empathy characterizes our approach. In fact, it’s the hub around which our entire approach revolves. In the home or classroom (real or remote), whenever we precede consequences with a sincere dose of compassion and concern, we increase the odds that the child will view their poor decision as the “bad guy” while continuing to perceive us as the “good guy.”  Consider the following empathetic statements:    “I love you. [...]

Eagle Connection All School Newsletter 04.08.2021

Dear Families, Last year, we were unable to host our annual Eagle Family FUNDay, and we all missed this annual event dearly!  This year, even though the format still requires adjustment, we are so excited that PTL is coordinating FUNDay once again!  You should have received the flyer in your inbox.  As a reminder, all proceeds will go toward updating and refreshing our entire lobby space.  This extends from the front door all the way back to the ESP hallway.  The plan includes new carpeting (and paint), modular furniture, and artwork.  This will be an exciting change for so many reasons: [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.18.2021

Dear Families, Jedd Hafer with Love and Logic shares this advice in his article “We Wish Kids Would Always Be Kind”:  In Love and Logic, we often separate the things we CAN control from the things we WISH we could control. A giant wish shared by many educators and parents is that kids will always be kind to one another. Cruel comments and malicious teasing can be devastating. Sadly, our wish that kids will always be kind has to do with something beyond our direct control–the behavior of others. The good news is that we CAN control our own actions by: [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.11.2021

Dear Families, It’s Parent/Teacher Conference time again!  If you haven’t already, you will be meeting next week with teachers.  We are always eager for the chance to communicate with you about your child’s progress, needs, and successes.  This is a valuable time to connect and check in regarding any concerns you or the teacher may have.  We are thankful for your support as YOU are and will always be the most consistent and pivotal influence in the lives of our students.  Please help us by embracing this opportunity to connect. Term 2 just ended this past Friday, and report cards will [...]

Eagle Connection 03.04.2021 All-School Newsletter

Dear Families, In my talks with parents, I often hear these words:  “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”  This could be relative to a behavioral, academic, or mental health concern.  Let’s be honest.  What parent hasn’t experienced that feeling in some way at some time?! At St. John’s, we have adopted the Love & Logic approach to discipline.  Consistency between what we do here at school and what parents do at home is important.  While we haven’t been able to host anything here at school this year for new or current parents to learn more about Love & Logic, [...]

Eagle Connection 02.25.2021 All-School Newsletter

Dear Families, It is with great joy and thanksgiving to God that we welcome the newest member of our St. John’s family… SOPHIA RAE born to Brittany and Adam Strohschein on February 24, 2021!  We are so excited to meet her and pray that all continues to go well for the Strohschein family of three! Mrs. Strohschein has served us faithfully as a PreK teacher for the past three years.  Although Mrs. Strohschein will be back at the end of the school year to take care of some final tasks, her family will be moving to WI this summer.  We will [...]

Eagle Connection 02.18.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, The State of Minnesota has announced the launch of the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector, which is a tool that helps Minnesotans find out when, where and how to get their COVID-19 vaccine. This system is a proactive way for all Minnesotans to indicate their interest in receiving a vaccine, so that when they become eligible, they can be alerted and connected to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment. Below is some information about the Vaccine Connector that you may find helpful. Should I complete the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector form? All Minnesotans who would like to receive a COVID-19 [...]

Eagle Connection 02.11.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, As we approach Valentine’s Day, it’s a lovely time to think about how much we all love the children.  It’s an equally fine opportunity to ponder how much we love our teachers and staff!  I found another Love & Logic article by Charles Fay that speaks to this perfectly.  It will likely make you smile! First of all, I’d like to apologize to the many teachers of my youth who put their heart and soul into trying to maintain order with me sitting in their classrooms. I wasn’t a downright malevolent child—I simply liked to keep things entertaining by [...]

Eagle Connection 02.04.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, This week, I’m sharing a recent Love & Logic article by Jedd Hafer on the topic of teaching children about respectfulness: Do you know any kids who run the risk of having unpleasant experiences with authority figures?  We see more instances of young people who fail to show basic respect and/or follow simple directions of police officers, teachers, and other authority figures. This phenomenon often produces sad results.  Would it hurt our kids if we taught them to err on the side of being more respectful in their interactions with authority figures? Could it save them tough consequences and [...]

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