Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.30.2023

Woohoo!! Yippee!! Dear families, We are very excited to announce that a contract has been extended to Mrs. Cadie Koosman to serve as our 5th grade teacher! Mrs. Koosman, who currently serves as our LSEM teacher, will make the move to 5th grade beginning in the 2023-24 school year.  Beloved by all students, faculty, and staff, Mrs. Koosman is an excellent addition to our middle school teaching team. Her enthusiasm, eagerness to serve, and ability to relate to her students will continue to benefit all the children of St. John’s, especially her new class of 5th graders next year.  Our school [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.23.2023

Praise Be to God! Dear families, We are excited to announce that the Lord has blessed us with a new 3rd grade teacher! Mrs. Sarah Carter of Elk River has joyfully accepted the Call to serve here at St. John's. Mrs. Carter comes to us from St. John's Elk River where she currently serves as a Kindergarten teacher. She and her husband, Austin, have two beautiful children - Anna (2.5 years old) and Michael (3 months old). If you see Mrs. Carter and her family visiting us at church, please be sure to say hello and give them a warm Eagle [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.09.2023

HAVE A RESTFUL SPRING BREAK... BUT DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES!   Sign-ups CLOSE on Saturday, March 18.  After that, you will need to contact the teacher if you need to sign up or reschedule.  Thank you for partnering with us to help your child succeed!  Per the Parent/Student Handbook, these conferences are mandatory.   To read the full newsletter, click here: https://stjlutheranschool.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/March-9-2023.pdf

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.02.2023

Parent/Teacher Spring Conferences Based on the partnership that is necessary for each student's success, it is an expectation of the school that parents sign up for a time to meet with teachers. Remember that this is a time to learn about your child's progress, ask questions, address concerns, and create goals for a successful academic year. These will be virtual conferences unless otherwise requested.  Teachers would generally prefer that this time is reserved for parents only, so be aware of your proximity to your child during a virtual meeting. Teachers need the chance to speak openly and honestly, but wish to [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.23.2023

This is the Day the Lord has Made by guest contributor Mrs. Ruth Droogsma “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Ps. 118:2 I can still hear my parents’ voices echoing this morning verse at our farm breakfast table. What a blessing to have grown up in a Christian home with the ability to share daily family devotions. This is one prayer of many that I pray for all my students and their future spouses. God has been with me every day, and has blessed me with so many amazing school [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.16.2023

 Don’t Give Your Kids the Message of Entitlement a Love and Logic article from Dr. Jim Fay  ​​Over the years, I’ve seen some friends and relatives who devoted their lives to protecting their children from inconvenience, discomfort, struggle, disappointment, embarrassment, and delayed gratification in any form. They sacrifice themselves, their own well-being, and even their financial security to provide for all the wants of their children. I’m sure you might have seen instances of parents who have almost driven themselves into financial ruin by continuing to protect their grown children from bad financial and personal decisions.  In my experience, this has [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.09.2023

Enrollment Open to All!! Enrollment is now open for any new students and families in our larger community.  Current families are our biggest champions regarding the quality of education provided by St. John’s!  Parents, you have been so gracious to share your encouraging words and positive compliments with us.  Don’t forget to spread the word to others, too!  Your personal recommendation of our school to a friend, coworker, or family member goes a long way in helping our school to grow.  Growth allows for more options for all.  God has blessed us with an incredible staff, a wonderful facility, and supportive [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.02.2023

YAY FOR BEANSTACK! Our own LSEM teacher, Mrs. Cadie Koosman, was one of ten school representatives to be interviewed by the Beanstack team based upon a request by their CEO.  Of our 171 registered students, 88% are actively reading and logging minutes on Beanstack!  (As a means of comparison, the Atlanta school district uses Beanstack, but has a lesser percentage of students who are actively reading and logging.)  We may be small, but we are mighty!  As one of Beanstack’s smaller clients, one goal in interviewing Mrs. Koosman was to gain insight on how we are using the program to motivate [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.26.2023

NATIONAL LUTHERAN SCHOOLS WEEK! It’s National Lutheran Schools Week, and we’ve been celebrating!  We are proud to be one of 1,854 other Lutheran schools around our world.  These schools are scattered across 35 districts with 21,312 teachers supporting students in the classroom.  It’s amazing to be part of something bigger and a blessing that we can freely share the love of Jesus with so many children around the world every day! This week, our students have been able to engage in service and celebration with one another:  We opened the week with chapel and time with family groups.   We welcomed our [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.19.2023

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN! Enrollment / Re-Enrollment is now open to our current St. John's families!  You received an email regarding this last Friday.   We plan to open enrollment to the rest of the community on February 1. The enrollment fee increases from $229 to $329 after Jan. 30.  This is a change from past enrollment policies, so please be swift to enroll!   If you have any questions, please contact Dawn at dawn.rolf@stjlutheranschool.org. Please complete the applicable online registration form for each student for the 2023-24 school year:.  It is important that every current family completes the form. NEW students (even siblings [...]

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