Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.24.2022

Dear Families, On behalf of our Teacher Call Committee, I wanted to make school families aware that we have extended a divine call to Ms. Kristi Collins, a rostered educator in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, to serve as a teacher on our staff next year.  Ms. Collins has many years of teaching experience, is a National Board Certified Teacher, and is currently serving in Delavan, WI as principal/teacher.  She has a strong passion for education, and we’d be blessed to have her join our ranks!  She hopes to visit us next week/end so that she can see our school [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.10.2022

Love & Logic Insider’s Club: Technology Addiction Article by Charles Fay, Ph.D. Even though the problems associated with kids and technology seem to be getting worse rather than getting better, it has been a problem for many years. Over ten years ago, in 2011, we received the following from one of our customers:  “My typically nice and responsible kid turns into a monster after he plays his computer games.” If you’ve noticed this or similar behaviors with your kids, you’re not alone. This week we will revisit why this is so common, as well as actions that we can take to [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.03.2022

May We Always be Awed Yesterday, as I sat in the sanctuary listening to the beautiful singing provided by our students during the Ash Wednesday service, I was momentarily distracted by the sweet face of a certain Kindergarten student. She was completely turned around in her pew, eyes wide and glued to the choir loft. Her mouth was turned up in a big smile, and it was obvious that she was awestruck by the voices of our 3rd and 4th graders (and later our 5th-8th graders). I can’t say that I blame this child because I, too, wanted to turn around [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.24.2022

Welcome to St. John's! When I became the preschool director this past summer, the privilege of hosting tours for prospective preschool families was given to me. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this, as I can be pretty shy (until you get to know me). Luckily, Mrs. Suzanne Haag had left behind a wonderful template to highlight many of the wonderful features of St. John’s. When I first saw this template, I wasn’t surprised by anything listed on it, as I was already aware of the facts she listed. When I did my very first tour, however,  everything [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.17.2022

Love & Logic Article by Jim Fay:  Enforceable Limits “Love and Logic teaches that parents, as well as teachers, must use enforceable statements if they want to set effective limits. Enforceable statements are powerful because the adult owns the response, not the child. In contrast, unenforceable statements give the power of the response to the child, and the adult loses control. Setting limits with enforceable statements is an essential technique for parents and teachers who use Love and Logic in the home or classroom.  Being able to deliver enforceable statements without lecturing, threatening, or showing anger is an acquired skill and [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter

St. Thomas Students to Assist in STJL Marketing Dear St. John's Families, Our business manager, Mr. Kuphal, coordinated a new venture for our school with the University of St. Thomas whereby some of their marketing students (all seniors in this field of study) undertake a project to help grow our marketing plan at St. John’s.  Mr. Kuphal, Mrs. Kuehne, and I met yesterday with this great crew that has been assigned to us, and we are excited to see how their work and advice can inform our marketing strategies going forward!  They’ve outlined deliverables around plans that will develop our online [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.03.2022

Dear St. John's Families, To refresh enthusiasm for reading as we finish the school year, we are starting a special AR Olympics for 1st-8th grade this coming week.  This aligns with the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics, too!  Goals vary by grade levels and are different from the classroom goals that teachers have established, although you can certainly accomplish both simultaneously.  AR Olympics will run from Feb. 7 to May 13.  Winners will be recognized on the AR Olympic podium in an all-school assembly at the end of the year! Remember that AR is now open all week for test [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.27.2022

Dear St. John's Families, We’ve had a great National Lutheran Schools Week thus far! I’m certain the kids have come home sharing about all of the events and excitement. As we spend time together in so many joyful ways, it’s a wonderful reminder of the blessing that is our school. We are looking forward to opening enrollment for the public next week. It’s exciting to think about how we can continue to grow our St. John’s family. You are our biggest voice when it comes to recruiting new students. We want to express our thanks to you through the newly initiated [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.20.2022

Dear St. John's Families, Next week, we will be celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week. The post on the LCMS website this week reminds us that “National Lutheran Schools Week provides more than 1,800 preschools, elementary schools, and high schools with the public opportunity to proclaim and celebrate God’s work among us in schools of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. We thank God for the opportunity to provide excellent academic preparation for the children we serve. We are most grateful for the opportunity to share Jesus’ amazing love with children and their families.” As part of our celebration, we will have exciting assemblies [...]

Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.13.2022

Dear St. John's Families, We’re excited to open enrollment to you as our current families for the 2022-23 school year!  It is extremely important that you meet the deadline of Jan. 31 to re-enroll for several reasons.  We’ve had a steady influx of interest throughout this school year, and we do have new families poised to enroll on Feb. 1.  We want to fulfill our commitment to our current families, knowing that continued growth is a blessing as well!  We anticipate that some classes will reach capacity quickly.  An accurate understanding of enrollment is also critical for ensuring the right number [...]

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