Dear Families,

This week provides a chance to share with you about the final stage of our Eagle Community Building time each Friday this year: Morning Message!  As a review, the components I’ve unpacked for you thus far are Greeting, Sharing, and Group Activity.  Morning Message provides information and academic reinforcement through a message written by the teacher.  Students read the message as they enter the room and later the teacher engages the students in discussion based on its content.

The purposes of this final component are as follows:

  • Build community through shared written language
  • Develop and reinforce academic skills in a meaningful and interactive way
  • Ease transition into the day and build excitement about learning

Morning messages could vary widely by topic and according to grade level.  We’ve shared some examples in the newsletter for you to get a sense of how it can accomplish the purposes listed above.  Remember to ask your students about ECB time on Fridays!  This year teachers are getting their feet wet by making ECB a goal at least once per week on Fridays.  Some use it more often – even daily.  The goal for the future is that this will become a solidified part of our school culture whereby students continue to feel connected, engaged, and supported!

In Joyful Service,

Mrs. Dolan


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