About 700 years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah shares the Christmas Good News, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given.” The Child and Son is Jesus. Isaiah shares the Good News that Jesus is born for us. Jesus was born for all the people of the Old Testament who had believed that God would keep His promise. Jesus was born for Mary and Joseph and the shepherds who greeted Him in Bethlehem. Jesus was born for us. The Gift wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger is God’s gift to us.

God’s Word names the Gift to us. Jesus is a Wonderful Counselor. Our parents, teachers, pastor, principal and professionals that God uses are our counselors. They give us good advice. Jesus is the most Wonderful Counselor who always listens to us. His Word gives perfect direction for our lives.

Jesus is also named Mighty God. The Baby in the manger looks lovingly and helplessly human. He is also the God who made everything. He is the God who rules the universe. He is the God who alone has the might to save us from our sins.

Jesus is the Everlasting Father. Coming to earth from His heavenly Father, he brings the Father’s care and compassion into our world. Unlike other humans whose lives are always limited to days or decades, Jesus is from everlasting to everlasting. Because of His birth, death and resurrection, He promises us everlasting life.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. We are often saddened because there may not be peace in our homes or peace in our communities or peace in our world. Jesus brings us the peace of knowing that our sins are forgiven. He brings us the peace of knowing that He will be with us in times that are not peaceful.

Which title is most meaningful to you?

The Good News is that Jesus is all the titles all the time.


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