Thanks to Our Subs!

We often say that “it takes a village” to raise our children, but the same holds true for our school.  It’s proven this year that it “takes a village” to keep our students in-person every day!  To be frank, without our incredible substitute teaching staff, there are several weeks this year that we would have had to shift to distance learning.  It is such a blessing that we have committed people who care about our ministry and champion for our success.  Our subs show up at a moment’s notice with willing and adaptable spirits for whatever the day brings.  They love our students!   

If you see or speak with Mrs. Linda Kalk, Mrs. Julie Preus, Mrs. Jody Preus, Mrs. Arlene Rogge, Mrs. Ruth Kulberg, Mrs. Stacy Humbert or Mrs. Joellyn Wicht, please thank them for helping to keep us going!  Additionally, ALL of our aides (school and ESP) have helped to sub on a regular basis, and we could not be who are as a school without these daily supporters as well: Mrs. Albert, Miss Rossow, Mrs. Brockberg, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Schumann, Mrs. Hoffarth, Mrs. Hedlund, and Miss Dolan.  Mrs. Rolf, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Weigman step out of their front office roles whenever help is needed, too.  Finally, we even have substitutes who make lunch, play for chapel, drive our bus, or answer our phones: Mrs. Heather Bursch, Mr. Duane Esterly, Mrs. Marsha Meine, and Mrs. Teresa Gaffer.  Thank you to these faithful people who are willing to help us in a pinch.  On behalf of the students, parents, faculty, and staff – we LOVE you and APPRECIATE you!

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