Our own LSEM teacher, Mrs. Cadie Koosman, was one of ten school representatives to be interviewed by the Beanstack team based upon a request by their CEO.  Of our 171 registered students, 88% are actively reading and logging minutes on Beanstack!  (As a means of comparison, the Atlanta school district uses Beanstack, but has a lesser percentage of students who are actively reading and logging.)  We may be small, but we are mighty!  As one of Beanstack’s smaller clients, one goal in interviewing Mrs. Koosman was to gain insight on how we are using the program to motivate our students to read.  They inquired about how we use our school data and how we will continue to expand that in the future.  They were interested in learning about some of the challenges we’ve created such as Christmas Bingo.  The company was also excited about Mrs. Droogsma’s Reading Superbowl and may implement their own version of this in the future.  Mrs. Volberding’s 100 Book Goal is also now being tracked through Beanstack at our school as well.  Overall, Beanstack is actively engaged in seeking our feedback so if you have insights to offer as parents, please contact Cadie Koosman.  

Thank you to Mrs. Koosman for taking the initiative to research new reading programs that can excite our students and support our school goal of instilling a love for reading in each child.  As our primary school representative, we are so proud and grateful that you are leading this charge!

Did You Know? If you are a library patron in the Great River Regional Library system, you can log minutes on Beanstack through the library as well.   

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