Welcome to St. John’s!

When I became the preschool director this past summer, the privilege of hosting tours for prospective preschool families was given to me. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this, as I can be pretty shy (until you get to know me). Luckily, Mrs. Suzanne Haag had left behind a wonderful template to highlight many of the wonderful features of St. John’s. When I first saw this template, I wasn’t surprised by anything listed on it, as I was already aware of the facts she listed. When I did my very first tour, however,  everything on that list took on new meaning and my eyes were opened to how very, very blessed we are here at St. John’s Lutheran School.  Please, indulge me now as I “take” you on a little tour of our beloved St. John’s Lutheran School. 

  • St. John’s Lutheran School has a rich and blessed history. We are 158 years old! This means for 158 years now, St. John’s has been sharing and teaching God’s beautiful Word in in its truth and purity. 
  • Our faculty is amazing! Our teachers go the extra mile to help each of our students succeed. Not only are each one of them beyond qualified, they come in early, stay late, and sometimes even work on their days off because they love their students. 
  • Our teachers aren’t the only fantastic ones here, so is the rest of our staff. Our lead custodian, Mr. D. is like a grandfather to each of our 174 students; Mrs. Anderson, our secretary, ALWAYS has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone who passes by; our lead lunch lady, Mrs. Schutte, knows each child’s name and she greets them with it every single day.
  • We wouldn’t be the amazing school we are without the support of our parents. Not only do we have a very active and thriving PTL that supports us very generously, but our extended school program is staffed by current school parents, our library is run by past and present school parents, and our school nurse is a school parent! The list goes on and on and on with so many ways our parents help us succeed.
  • Safety is very important here, and we take it seriously. One way we do this is by maintaining a close relationship with the Corcoran Police Department and Maple Grove Police Department. We are beyond blessed with the number of officers who watch out for us. In fact, four Corcoran officers attended our Christmas recital just to show support for our students and school! We love our Corcoran and Maple Grove police departments and they love us!
  • Academics is key here at St. John’s. With a stellar faculty and unique classes such as logic and study skills mixed in with typical reading, writing, and arithmetic, it’s not a surprise that our students are well prepared to advance to each new grade and then on to high school. In fact, our students regularly perform higher on standardized tests than other students. We also invest in Lutheran Special Education Ministries by contracting a special education teacher to support our students with various learning needs. And as for preschool, our youngest learners are always more than prepared to advance on to Kindergarten and join the “big kids”.
  • We are a Christian school, and we’re not ashamed of that fact. At our very center is Christ and His Word. Our students are taught this from day one, and when they leave us to enter high school, wherever that may be, we know they have a firm foundation in Christ. Our students are taught by our LCMS teachers and by the pastors themselves. They attend chapel each week, and also spend special time with our pastors each Wednesday. 
  • When our students become overwhelmed or scared, we pray together.  When we want to offer thanksgiving to our Lord, we pray. Before we eat, we pray. And together at chapel, we pray. We praise our Lord for the ability to do this freely as a Lutheran school. We also praise Him for the ability to celebrate Christmas and Easter as the glorious Christian holidays they truly are!

As you can see, we are very, very blessed here at St. John’s. We praise the Lord for these many blessings and for St. John’s Lutheran School.

His servant,

Mrs. Tori Kuehne

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