May We Always be Awed

Yesterday, as I sat in the sanctuary listening to the beautiful singing provided by our students during the Ash Wednesday service, I was momentarily distracted by the sweet face of a certain Kindergarten student. She was completely turned around in her pew, eyes wide and glued to the choir loft. Her mouth was turned up in a big smile, and it was obvious that she was awestruck by the voices of our 3rd and 4th graders (and later our 5th-8th graders). I can’t say that I blame this child because I, too, wanted to turn around completely and stare! Our students sounded the most beautiful I’ve ever heard yesterday and listening to them join together to create such wondrous music for our Lord made me even more thankful for the gift of our Lutheran school. I was thankful, too, for that sweet little girl and the fact that she found awe in that moment. I pray that she continues to be awed in moments like this, and more importantly, in her Lord and Savior. I pray this prayer for all of our students, staff, families, and for myself. May we never forget the gift that is our Lutheran school which freely provides these opportunities for prayer, praise, and worship, and may we never forget the greatness and majesty of our Lord, who so richly provides for us and loves us unconditionally. God is good, most definitely!

His Servant,

Mrs. Tori Kuehne

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