Dear Families,

It’s Parent/Teacher Conference time again!  If you haven’t already, you will be meeting next week with teachers.  We are always eager for the chance to communicate with you about your child’s progress, needs, and successes.  This is a valuable time to connect and check in regarding any concerns you or the teacher may have.  We are thankful for your support as YOU are and will always be the most consistent and pivotal influence in the lives of our students.  Please help us by embracing this opportunity to connect.

Term 2 just ended this past Friday, and report cards will be coming home tomorrow.  Conferences at this time of the year allow you and teachers to address any new or continuing issues and create goals for a strong finish to the school year.  Please be open to the process of giving and sharing feedback!  It’s important to be open and honest.  To that end, here are some of questions we shared in the fall that you may use as a basis for discussion:

  • Is my child having any struggles?
  • Is my child participating in class?
  • Is my child performing to his/her fullest potential?
  • What can I do at home to support what is done in the classroom?
  • How does my child interact socially at school?
  • What does my child exhibit emotionally at school?
  • How does my child contribute to the atmosphere of the class?
  • Does my child need extra help in areas?  Do you think summer tutoring or classes would be helpful?
  • May I tell you what’s going on at home?

It is our prayer that each meeting will be fruitful and constructive!

In joyful service,

Mrs. Dolan

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