Dear Families,

To keep everyone at church and school on the same page in terms of communication, I’m sharing with you the announcement that will also appear in our church bulletin this Sunday:

Thank you for your continued prayers to the Lord for provision of workers in our churches and schools.  With a heavy heart, Ms. Kristi Collins has declined our call to serve as a teacher in our school at this time.  She expressed that she is extremely excited about our ministry here, but needs to help her current congregation/school through some unanticipated transitions.  Our call committee is reconvening to discuss next steps and will be interviewing and following up with additional candidates.  If you have any questions, please contact our call committee chair, Jayme Kruse, at

Our search to extend a call continues, and we trust that God’s plan for St. John’s is unfolding according to His will.  God has a beautiful way of opening one door as another closes.

In faith,

Mrs. Dolan

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