Dear Families,

Last year, we were unable to host our annual Eagle Family FUNDay, and we all missed this annual event dearly!  This year, even though the format still requires adjustment, we are so excited that PTL is coordinating FUNDay once again!  You should have received the flyer in your inbox.  As a reminder, all proceeds will go toward updating and refreshing our entire lobby space.  This extends from the front door all the way back to the ESP hallway.  The plan includes new carpeting (and paint), modular furniture, and artwork.  This will be an exciting change for so many reasons:

  • It benefits our school by providing a more usable and modern space equipped with gathering space for students during the school day and for families during extra-curricular activities, etc.
  • It benefits our church members who will be able to use this space for meetings, youth events, and typical social gathering.
  • It helps in our overall school marketing plan as we create visual impact upon entry during tours for prospective students, etc.  
  • It refreshes our space and helps with some general maintenance of our building.

Please consider giving generously toward this cause!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were able to meet a goal of $50,000?!  It can be done!  We’ve successfully banded together in so many ways this past year.  I’m certain this is something we can accomplish on behalf of our children if we put our full hearts and efforts into giving generously!  May God bless our event!

In joyful service,

Mrs. Dolan

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