Preschool…What a Beautiful Thing!!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of assisting in Mrs. Maria Koosman’s preschool class for a couple of hours. As the children arrived one by one, I watched and listened as almost all of them had very exciting news to share with Mrs. Koosman. One little boy told her all about the dream he had had the night before; one girl told a silly story about her younger brother; one child made a smart observation about the weather. Each time a child shared something, Mrs. Koosman listened attentively and then shared her own cheerful and animated response. 

Purposeful and heartfelt interactions like these are not uncommon at all in our preschool program. Instead, they are the norm and can be witnessed daily. Of course, it’s not just Mrs. Koosman who does this. Miss Fuhrman does a beautiful job of affirming and loving all her students, and so do all of our aides. This excellence doesn’t stop here, though. Instead, the preschool staff’s devotion to the children and to the Lord is expressed in many, many other ways. Mrs. Brockberg is blessed with amazing artistic abilities, and she lovingly works with the children to create their own masterpieces, in addition to sharing her gift with both teachers in the form of intricate and beautiful artwork and decorations. Mrs. Albert, with her gentle and loving nature, is always a cheerful and calm role model for our little students, and she is always the first to volunteer when extra help is needed. Miss Rossow has been a wonderful addition to our program this year, and we are so very blessed to have her. Not only is she working on her Masters in education, but her willingness to serve, and her continuous smile and warmth are a pillar for us all. Mrs. Davis, oh my, her flexibility is so very appreciated each and every day. Last minute changes of plans have occurred more than once (or twice…or more), and she goes along with it and never complains. She is such a team player, and we are so appreciative. Finally, our front office staff, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Rolf, have also seamlessly assisted in preschool, always with a big smile and kind word, and a readiness to help.

I share all of this with you because I want you to know (even though I’m pretty sure you already do), that our preschool program is much, much more than just typical child care or a fun place to learn the ABC’s. (Sure, I could tell you that we are one of Maple Grove Magazine’s three finalists for the Best Preschool Program in Maple Grove [winner will be announced this summer], or that we’ve scored a 97%, 100%, and 100% on our DHS inspections this year, but that’s not as important.) Instead, our preschool program is exceptional because it is filled with amazing women who truly love what they do, truly love the children they care for, and have truly been blessed with a servant’s heart. These women get down in the floor with the kids each and every day to play; they chase kids around the playground; they offer hugs and fist bumps throughout the day; and they patiently answer trillions of questions every day (seriously…trillions 😀) . On top of all that, they not only teach these little boys and girls all about the one and true Triune God, they incorporate their faith into their interactions with our students and serve as faithful and loving role models. In short, they are amazing, and we should praise God that He has led these women to serve here at St. John’s. 

Parents, thank you all for allowing us the honor of serving you and your children. Preschool parents, thank you especially for trusting us with your little ones. We love them so very much, as we do all our students. Please don’t keep our love and excellence a secret, though! As enrollment continues, be sure to share with your family and friends about St. John’s Lutheran School & Preschool!

In His service,

Mrs. Tori Kuehne

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