A Note About Beanstack

from Mrs. Cadie Koosman

We are very excited to be trying out a new reading program this school year! After working with AR last year and seeing how frustrated many students would get when the books they wanted to read were not on the site, I suggested that we consider making a change. We ultimately want students to be intrinsically motivated to read, so I spent several weeks trying out different tracking programs before landing on Beanstack.  

Beanstack allows all of our students at St. John’s to select books that are both interesting and appropriate for their reading level. It will also allow our younger students to track books and minutes that they read with their parents. Literacy and exposure to reading are very important to our students of all ages. Having a program that will follow them through their entire time at St. John’s helps us as teachers to see what interests them and track their growth as readers. We can also use this information to get new books for our library. 

Starting next week, students will begin to see a Fall Trimester Challenge show up on their Beanstack account. These challenges will be determined by their homeroom or English teachers to be catered to their specific classrooms. Students will begin to build streaks and earn badges as they reach various reading goals. Follow this LINK for a parent tutorial video to help your children log at home!

Happy reading!

Mrs. C. Koosman

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