Would you like to know a secret? Preschoolers can oftentimes be better for the soul than chocolate. I’ve been reminded of that a couple of times this week, and I’m so thankful for those reminders. Take today, for instance. I snuck into Ms. Fuhrman’s vibrant classroom and watched as her students learned about the letter A and it’s sound, worked together to figure out the word armadillo, and wiggled with joy when they all remembered how to correctly sign apple in ASL. Yesterday, I sat in Mrs. Koosman’s joyous room during their special visit from Pastor Moss. Listening to that little group of eager learners pepper Pr. Moss with questions energized me, and I left that room with my bucket filled (that’s a shout out to you Mrs. Humbert).

Looking back at those two visits, I sit here in awe and amazement. I don’t remember the last time my excitement would even come close to the excitement I saw in response to an armadillo. And unfortunately, I don’t remember the last time my eyes widened in amazement when hearing about how powerful and glorious and wonderful our Lord and Savior is. Blessedly for me…and for you…our Lord is powerful and glorious and wonderful, as well as merciful and loving and gracious. That really is something to get excited about, and be thankful for, and rejoice in.

And to think…I learned all of that in preschool (and so do our children).

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