Today, our students were able to surprise our beloved retired PreK and Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Schutte, who is in hospice care at her home at this time.  Over the past weeks, our students created a personal video and made cards for Mrs. Schutte.  Today, we shared these with her along with a huge display of hearts for her front lawn to show our love and gratitude for our sister in Christ and faithful servant to the Lord.  

Sue, you have given your life to the ministry of St. John’s Lutheran School.  We are grateful to God for the big and small things that you’ve contributed.  I’ve been witness to so many of those things in my 16 years here at this church and school:  I think of you fondly whenever I buy cheddar goldfish at Target since it was your weekly snack at faculty meetings.  ❤  I miss seeing you on every single school spirit day, knowing that you ALWAYS participated as a teacher and decked yourself out (no matter how ridiculously) to bring joy to the students and school.  ❤  The concession stand will forever be a tribute to your love and care for the students and families.  I wonder how many people know that you’d get the beef for the walking tacos ready in your own crockpot each day that the stand would be open — and that’s why it tasted so good!  Thanks to you and Mrs. Preus, I didn’t have to think about dinner for my own family on those crazy nights during basketball season.  Bless you for that.  ❤  And the costumes — the unforgettable, precious, hand-sewn, beautiful costumes — that you crafted for the youngest grade musicals…what a way to make things magical.  ❤  We have Small Business Day because of you!  ❤  Thank you for loving music and teaching hymns and fun songs to our children.  ❤  Thank you for melding high expectations with love in your teaching.  ❤  Thank you for sharing the good news of Jesus with students every single day.  ❤  Thank you for teaching my own children.

For these, and so many more things, we simply want to say that we love you, and we are praying for you, Mrs. Schutte!

In His Service,

Mrs. Dolan & ALL of the faculty, staff, and students of St. John’s

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