I recently came across this side-by-side chart describing a “can’t” versus “can do” attitude.  I thought about how well some of these comparisons truly highlight a simple, but helpful shift in how we approach an obstacle, a negative mindset, a problem, etc.   


We’ve never done it before.

We’ve never done it that way.

We’ve already tried it.

They won’t listen.

We’re afraid.

It’s too complicated.

We don’t have the resources.

It’s a waste of money.

We can’t compete.

We don’t know how.

It’s good enough.

I don’t know.

Let someone else do it.

It’s too radical.

People won’t like it.

We can’t.

                 CAN DO

     We have the opportunity to be first.

     Change is exciting.

     Let’s try again.

     We’ll say it in a better way.

     Christ equips us.

     Let’s break it into manageable pieces.

     How can we improvise?

     Investment reaps reward.

     They can’t compete with us.

     Let’s learn together.

     We can do it better.

     I’ll find the answer.

     I’ll do my share.

     Let’s take a chance.

     We’ll help them understand.

     With Christ, all things are possible.

Taken from “Lutheran Teacher: ‘Can Do’ Attitude” by Carl Moser

The next time we are dwelling on how/why we can’t accomplish something, this little resource might be just the ticket needed to gain a proper, productive perspective!

In joyful service, 

Mrs. Dolan

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