Hearts that Give

Dear Families,

Thank you for your generosity toward our school, our staff, our students, and those we seek to help.  I have been a witness to this for many years now.  Thank you also for joining us in our efforts to teach our students about Christian charity and service to others.  We have been intentional about encouraging students to give freely from their hearts without placing a reward in front of them.  This week, I am coming to you with a goal I’d like for us to tackle together.  

As you know, our offering dollars this year are being given to the Loeslie family.  We have taught the students about Huntington’s disease, shared about its impact on this family, and asked them to work together to support the Loeslies with their offering each week. As of today, we have collected a total of $552.44.  Thank you!  Our goal for this term is $2,500, and we have one month left to achieve it. 

Tomorrow, we come together for our all-school chapel as family groups.  What if every student had the opportunity to drop a quarter, or a dollar, or a check into the offering plate?  If each student gave just a little every single week, how big could our impact be in the name of Jesus?  I’d love for them to work together in this way, and I will give them that reminder tomorrow.  Would you join me in talking about generosity and the many ways in which we can help others?  Like you, I know the love that flows freely from our children.  Sometimes we just have to give them the means to show it.  

In joyful service,

Mrs. Dolan

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