Dear Families,

Focusing back on our Eagle Community Building as promised, I wanted to finish outlining the process for you.  The next piece to share with you focuses on the Group Activity portion of ECB.  Group activities are brief, fast-paced, and involve the entire class.  They could connect to something academic, or they could be purely focused on building community in the class.  As identified in The Morning Meeting Book, group activities have several purposes:

  • Contribute to the class’s sense of community and group identity
  • Foster active and engaged participation
  • Encourage inclusion and cooperation
  • Help students to learn the value of persistence and practice
  • Strengthen academic and social skills

Group activities should be cooperative rather than competitive and allow all members to take part!  Group activities provide the chance to learn about body and voice control, taking turns, dealing with mistakes, helping and including others, and working with partners or small groups. To this point in time, we’ve shared some fun school-wide activities that are the same for each classroom such as a rousing game of “Would You Rather?”, a dance-off game, and conversations focused on particular topics.  We’ve captured some of these moments on our school Facebook page and will continue to do so.  While we always aim to have fun at school, the point of group activities is not simply to entertain students, but primarily to ENGAGE them!

Next week, I’ll outline the final phase of Eagle Community Building (ECB) time for you:  Morning Message.  Thanks for reading and taking an active part in this process by asking your child about it each Friday!

In Joyful Service,

Mrs. Dolan

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