Dear Parents, Faculty, Pastors, Staff, and Students,

May I take a moment to say thank you?!

Parents, you have stepped up to ask good questions, support your children, learn new procedures, give generous dollars towards needs and wishes, and offer encouragement.  You are amazing, strong, and supportive!

Teachers, you have invested countless hours to ready your classrooms, open your hearts to our students and their families, develop creative ways to mix the old and new way of doing things, and assist in getting our campus open again!  You’ve taken on new or greater roles to maintain a standard of excellence.  Your actions mirror the love of Jesus in beautiful ways.

Pastors, you have prayed for and supported the opening of our campus and the workers throughout.  You have prepared to teach, interact with the students, and care for your flock in many helpful ways!

Staff, you have planned, assisted, led, enrolled, cleaned, cooked, hired, decorated, etc.  Your willingness to do anything to help shows your amazing dedication to the school and students!

Students, you have been working hard to learn new things, make new friends, find your groove, know the rules, and respect authority.  The sound of your voices in the hallways once more is rejuvenating and familiar!

Thanks be to God for His goodness, faithfulness, and provision as we start a new school year!  Week one is done!

In joyful service,

Mrs. Dolan

Many Thanks!


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