St. Thomas Students to Assist in STJL Marketing

Dear St. John’s Families,

Our business manager, Mr. Kuphal, coordinated a new venture for our school with the University of St. Thomas whereby some of their marketing students (all seniors in this field of study) undertake a project to help grow our marketing plan at St. John’s.  Mr. Kuphal, Mrs. Kuehne, and I met yesterday with this great crew that has been assigned to us, and we are excited to see how their work and advice can inform our marketing strategies going forward!  They’ve outlined deliverables around plans that will develop our online and offline strategies.  In their work, they will study the private school industry and perform a competitive analysis as it relates to other private schools in our vicinity.  They will help us to identify our strengths and weaknesses.  From there, they will analyze our current marketing strategies and help to guide our funding decisions.  Not only will their work show us what we need to do; they will also guide the implementation of the strategies they recommend.  We are looking forward to the many ways in which this partnership will benefit our school.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me or Mr. Kuphal!  


Mrs. Dolan

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