About St. John’s Lutheran School ESP

St. John’s Lutheran School offers an Extended School Program (ESP). ESP extends the school day for children after school and ensures they are cared for in a safe environment. It is staffed by a Director (Tori Kuehne) and program assistants. It serves students who are enrolled in PreK-8thgrade at St. John’s School. The program will operate on regularly scheduled school days. ESP will be offered on non school days as approved and announced by the Director. These non school days will be available for sign up on the online ESP calendar in DayCare Works.


Our purpose is to provide a safe, positive, supervised environment for students after school hours.  ESP will periodically provide additional opportunities through music, art, etc.


Staff will keep lines of communication open with parents by sharing positive accomplishments of children. Staff will enlist the support of parents when dealing with a difficult discipline situation.

The ESP Director can be reached by calling 763-244-7711. The ESP room may be reached after school hours by calling 763-420-2426, ext. 37. The director can also be reached by email at Tori.Kuehne@stjlutheran.org.

New Family Registration

This registration link is for new families only.  Current families with an account should register by logging into your parent portal within DayCare Works. Registration is free and is required for all St. John’s School students before the school year begins.

Register Now

Already Registered? Set Your Weekly Calendar

Then, set your weekly calendar and access your ESP account through DayCare Works Connect. All calendars must be submitted online by 5:30 PM Thursday for the following week.

Set Schedule

Additional Program Details

Days and Hours of Operation

ESP is available for all students in grades Preschool-8th grade from 3:00-5:30pm each academic day. Spots are based on the number of staff available, with priority given to those families who schedule their ESP usage in advance using their Daycare Works parent portal.
ESP is not guaranteed for children who are not scheduled. 


A snack will be provided during the first hour of the program.


Registration for ESP is free and all St. John’s School families must register. Registration is required whether or not you intend to use ESP. Emergency situations may arise that would require your child to use ESP. Please see the school handbook for after school pick up policies.  Registration should be completed on the school website: www.stjlutheranschool.org under Activities and Events, ESP. New families must fill out the complete registration form and set up an account through DayCare Works. Current families who have a DayCare Works account may register by logging into their account selecting Registration and the appropriate school year.

Online Parent Portal

ESP uses an online system through DayCare Works to handle registration, calendars and billing. This is where families will register, submit calendar requests, view billing and submit payments.

Online ESP Calendar 

Due to the number of children attending ESP and staffing needs for those children our policy for signing up will be changing.

All calendars must be submitted online by 5:30 PM Thursday for the following week.  If calendars are not submitted by the deadline a $10 drop in fee per child will be charged for that week.  Parents are encouraged to fill out your calendar monthly if your child attends regularly. Changes can be made prior to the Thursday deadline without penalties. If the Director is not notified of changes you will be charged a minimum of one hour for a day you signed up.

Drop In Emergencies

We realize emergencies do occur. If you need ESP and have not submitted a calendar we will do our best to accommodate your needs. A $10 drop in fee in addition to hourly fees will be charged. 

Hourly Fees

The hourly fee for this program is $6.00 per hour for the first child, $3 per hour for the second child, and $2 per hour for each child thereafter. Billing is by the half hour. You will be billed for a minimum of one hour each day. Hourly fees will apply to non-school days. ESP is open from 7:30-5:00 on non-school days. Billing is monthly and families will be billed the first week of the month for what they used the previous month.

A minimum fee of one hour will be charged for a day that was submitted on the calendar. If your child is sick that day, you will not be charged. Changes may be made by 5:30 pm.

Arrival and Departure of Students

Students will be checked into our online system when they arrive after school. Parents must enter the building to pick up and sign their children out of the program. The sign out is located in the ESP room. Children will only be released to persons who are listed in the parent portal as authorized. Persons on file, but not known to staff may be asked to show identification.

Late Pick-Up Fees

Beginning at closing time late pick-up fees will be charged. Families will be charged $1 for every minute per child beginning at 5:01 pm. Parents will automatically be billed on their monthly statement. Parents must call the ESP room at 763-420-2426, ext. 37 to notify staff of any extenuating circumstances.


In the event of an emergency, reasonable effort will be made to contacts parents/guardians for specific instructions. If a parent cannot be reached, the staff will take necessary actions. If a child becomes ill while attending ESP, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up the child.

Since this is an extension of the St. John’s Lutheran School program, all policies and procedures will apply. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook. 

Questions may be directed to the ESP Director.  Thanks!
Tori Kuehne