Dear Families,

It is bittersweet that we must wrap up our year without getting to be in the presence of one another fully!  It is a relief for all of us that distance learning is drawing to a close and we may catch a glimpse of someone during the drop-off of materials next week, but we’ll miss our closing service, school picnic on a sunny day, good-bye hugs, and after-parties.  That said, our drive-in graduation for the 8th graders followed by a car parade behind the St. John’s bus will be grand!  Plan to join us for this celebration.

How does one sum up a year such as this?  Wild ride. Madness. Adventure. Challenging. Blessed.  I’m opting for blessed.  We opened the year with a new handbook that outlined the Christ-centered partnership required between students, teachers, and parents for success at St. John’s.  How could we have known that this exact partnership would be the only means by which we could even finish this school year!  Everyone stepped up to the plate and faced an unprecedented reality together.   What God has done through each of us in this shared experience is remarkable.  My eyes well with tears when I attempt to express my pride and my gratitude to each and every one of you.  I am blessed beyond all measure.

The fall seems far away, but I am already addressing what it will take to re-open our doors, protect one another, and find normalcy within a new rhythm.  I pledge to find the balance in keeping you updated (without inundating you) as things progress and new guidelines are made known to us.  Unknowns are frustrating, but we’ll navigate them together with the Lord as our Strength and our Guide.  Allow me to close this final letter of the 2019-2020 school year by simply saying that you are loved by Jesus, by me, by the teachers/pastors/ staff members, and by your St. John’s family.  I pray all of that love fuels you to share with others what this school means to you.  Our family has room to grow and good news to share!  Thank you for being a St. John’s Eagle.  May God bless you and keep you.

In joyful service,

Mrs. Dolan