Tuition & Registration Fee


2023/24 Tuition Rates

Tuition payments are to be made either in full by September 1st or through the designated school tuition payment plan in FACTS.

Registration Fee:

A per-pupil registration fee is charged to provide for curricular and non-curricular activities, programs, field trips, and supplies which enrich the educational program.

The enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment and is non-refundable.

  • Returning students: Non-refundable $229 fee.  The enrollment fee increases to $329 after February 1.
  • New Students: Non-refundable $329 fee.
  • Preschool:  In addition to above enrollment fees, $550 tuition deposit.

Tuition Refund/Credit Policy:

Due to the limits placed on class sizes and school fixed costs, voluntary or non-hardship withdrawals of students from St. John’s at any time after the beginning of the school year are not eligible for tuition refunds or credits. Any and all tuition paid prior to the student’s withdrawal is non-refundable. However, tuition refunds or credits may be granted in special or extenuating circumstances only, such as medical issues, family moves, and extreme special needs situations, with the express approval of the St. John’s Board of Education.

Parents of students who are withdrawn from St. John’s after the school year begins must make a formal request for tuition refund or credit before consideration of the request can occur, clearly stating the reasons why a tuition refund should be granted. The request should be made to the school Principal or to the Board of Education. The Board of Education will, at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting, consider and act on the refund or credit request on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Support

St. John’s Lutheran School is owned, operated, and maintained by St. John’s Lutheran Church. To keep pace with the per pupil cost, tuition fees are recommended by the Board of Education to the St. John’s Lutheran Church Congregation Voter’s Assembly for approval each year.

The operation of the school depends upon tuition payments from all families, contributions of members of the church congregation, and fundraising efforts. Per pupil cost per year is in excess of $7,000; therefore, sacrificial giving — as the Lord has blessed a family — is the guideline followed by our school families. While it is the policy of St. John’s Lutheran School that no church member shall be denied enrollment at our school, tuition is charged at our school and the Board of Education expects everyone to meet their tuition obligation. If one’s financial situation is such that these guidelines cannot be met on a timely basis, church members should contact the school office to arrange to speak confidentially with the Board of Education treasurer about a financial arrangement that will be agreeable.

Tuition Assistance

Before the school year begins, families may apply for financial assistance through FACTS. This 3rd party vendor provides a confidential, objective approach to determine family need. Once the application is complete, we will communicate the assistance amount. Families must re-apply every year.