St. John’s Lutheran Hot Lunch Program provides a nutritious and well-balanced lunch for students every day. Meals are prepared on-site on a daily basis.

Update for 2022/23

  • Students will still tell their teacher each morning if they are having hot lunch. They will request a second portion of the entrée at that time as well.

  • You will not pay money in advance for hot lunch. Rather, you will be billed through FACTS.

  • If you had remaining dollars in your hot lunch (Easy Lunch) account from last year, you will be credited within FACTS.

Hot Lunch

Current Hot Lunch Menu

Next Month Lunch Menu


  • Student Lunch (includes milk) $3.25
  • Milk $0.45
  • Second Entrée $2.10
  • Non-Student Lunch $4.95

Non-students who wish to eat a hot lunch need to contact the school by 9:00am on the day that a lunch is desired.

Cold Lunch

  • When a child brings a cold lunch, parents should make sure that the lunch is nutritious. Do not bring soda for lunch.
  • Refrigeration for cold lunches is not available. Keep refrigerated items such as low-fat yogurt, cheese and lean deli meats fresh by including a frozen ice pack.
  • Students are not allowed to use the microwave during the school day.
  • Milk may be purchased with cold lunch. Each milk is 45¢.


St. John’s Lutheran School Wellness Policy