“Learning and Living as God’s Baptized Children”

The mission of St. John’s Lutheran School is to nurture young people through God’s Word, sound Lutheran doctrine and worship, and a strong academic foundation. Our goal is to equip students to lead their lives as God’s baptized children in this world wherever He puts them, and also be equipped to carry out Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)


The purpose of St. John’s Lutheran School is to nurture young people’s faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior using God’s Word and Luther’s Small Catechism, while at the same time providing them with a strong academic foundation that prepares them for life today and for tomorrow. 


Sound Lutheran Doctrine – As a Lutheran school, our primary job is teach our students God’s truth.  We base our teachings on the LCMS doctrine, and it is carefully taught to all students so they are sure of what they believe and can defend their faith. Children are taught the demands of God’s law and are comforted by the saving Gospel of Jesus. We teach our students that, “We don’t change the message, the message changes us.” 

Individual Attention – Our small class sizes encourage students to be participants rather than spectators. Our teachers strive to show Christ’s love and forgiveness to each child.   In August of every year, teachers visit with each student’s family (K-8th) to build a good relationship and share information about the upcoming school year. 

High Level of Instruction – St. John’s students consistently outperform their peers on a local and national level.  Using their God-given abilities, students and teachers strive for excellence as they use effective, up-to-date learning and teaching materials.  Students are prepared to become responsible stewards of their talents in a joy-filled Christian life. 

Loving Classroom Environment – St. John’s Love & Logic® core principles include:

  1. With Christ as our leader, we will learn and live as Christ’s baptized children with the Law and Gospel as our guide. 
  2. Every attempt will be made to maintain the dignity and self-respect of both the student and the teacher.
  3. Students will be guided and expected to solve problems without creating additional issues. They will be given opportunities to make decisions and expected to live with the consequences.

Friendship and Acceptance – Students and staff accept one another as fellow members of the body of Christ.  They play together, support each other, encourage each other and witness to one another.  Each person’s uniqueness is recognized and individuals are helped to achieve their full potential.  Each child knows that he or she is valued, accepted, and a respected part of the school community.