How to Sum Up This Year: Blessed – Eagle Connection

Dear Families, It is bittersweet that we must wrap up our year without getting to be in the presence of one another fully!  It is a relief for all of us that distance learning is drawing to a close and we may catch a glimpse of someone during the drop-off of materials next week, but we’ll miss our closing service, school picnic on a sunny day, good-bye hugs, and after-parties.  [...]

May 21st, 2020|Categories: Newsletter|

Changes in Tech Time That Might Make Them Feel Better – Eagle Connection

This week I share an article recently written by physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston on  Although the article is long, I think it includes valuable information about how some changes in tech time could help our children (and us) feel better.  She writes… “Understandably most young people are on screens a ton right now. Thank goodness there are all sorts of great things made possible via screen time. But [...]

May 14th, 2020|Categories: Newsletter|

Small Choices Around School Work – Eagle Connection

This week, we turn to expert Dr. Charles Fay from the Love and Logic Institute to provide some parenting tips.  He recently wrote… “Now that schools have closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, how can parents best help their children learn and complete work while avoiding counterproductive power struggles? Much of the answer involves sharing control within the boundaries of firm yet loving limits. It’s an old concept made even [...]

May 7th, 2020|Categories: Newsletter|