Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 05.12.2022

Preschool...What a Beautiful Thing!! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of assisting in Mrs. Maria Koosman’s preschool class for a couple of hours. As the children arrived one by one, I watched and listened as almost all of them had very exciting news to share with Mrs. Koosman. One little boy told her all about the dream he had had the night before; one girl told a silly story about her [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 05.05.2022

Exciting Staffing Updates! We are happy to announce that Miss Laura Ellinghuysen has ACCEPTED our offer to be a contracted teacher at St. John’s.  As a reminder, Laura comes to us from Winona, MN and will be graduating from Bethany Lutheran College next week. She attended an LCMS grade school and high school, feels passionately about math and reading, and is currently the women’s basketball team captain for her college. [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 04.21.2022

EAGLE FAMILY FUNDAY!! Help us Pave the Way to keep our parking lot safe for all! 9:00am Family FUNDrun Check-In  9:15am Family FUNDrun 9:45am Little Eagle Loop  10:00am-12:00pm Carnival & Lunch  11:30am Silent Auction Closes  12:00pm Prize Drawings & Winners Announced  VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED - SIGN UP HERE! To read our full newsletter, click here: https://stjlutheranschool.org/eagle-connection-newsletter-2/

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 04.07.2022

Dear Families, To keep everyone at church and school on the same page in terms of communication, I’m sharing with you the announcement that will also appear in our church bulletin this Sunday: Thank you for your continued prayers to the Lord for provision of workers in our churches and schools.  With a heavy heart, Ms. Kristi Collins has declined our call to serve as a teacher in our school [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.31.2022

Dear Families, This spring is stacking up to include two busy months of activity at school!  Exciting!  We have before us: 8th grade class trip  Northwest Lutheran Schools Spelling Bee (hosted by Trinity St. Francis this year)  School Assemblies (next week West Lutheran High School will be leading a Robotics assembly) Easter Break Eagle Family FUNDay (sponsored by our amazing PTL) Spring Variety Show (featuring all school choirs, handbells, and [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.24.2022

Dear Families, On behalf of our Teacher Call Committee, I wanted to make school families aware that we have extended a divine call to Ms. Kristi Collins, a rostered educator in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, to serve as a teacher on our staff next year.  Ms. Collins has many years of teaching experience, is a National Board Certified Teacher, and is currently serving in Delavan, WI as principal/teacher.  [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.10.2022

Love & Logic Insider’s Club: Technology Addiction Article by Charles Fay, Ph.D. Even though the problems associated with kids and technology seem to be getting worse rather than getting better, it has been a problem for many years. Over ten years ago, in 2011, we received the following from one of our customers:  “My typically nice and responsible kid turns into a monster after he plays his computer games.” If [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.03.2022

May We Always be Awed Yesterday, as I sat in the sanctuary listening to the beautiful singing provided by our students during the Ash Wednesday service, I was momentarily distracted by the sweet face of a certain Kindergarten student. She was completely turned around in her pew, eyes wide and glued to the choir loft. Her mouth was turned up in a big smile, and it was obvious that she [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.24.2022

Welcome to St. John's! When I became the preschool director this past summer, the privilege of hosting tours for prospective preschool families was given to me. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this, as I can be pretty shy (until you get to know me). Luckily, Mrs. Suzanne Haag had left behind a wonderful template to highlight many of the wonderful features of St. John’s. When I [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.17.2022

Love & Logic Article by Jim Fay:  Enforceable Limits “Love and Logic teaches that parents, as well as teachers, must use enforceable statements if they want to set effective limits. Enforceable statements are powerful because the adult owns the response, not the child. In contrast, unenforceable statements give the power of the response to the child, and the adult loses control. Setting limits with enforceable statements is an essential technique [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter

St. Thomas Students to Assist in STJL Marketing Dear St. John's Families, Our business manager, Mr. Kuphal, coordinated a new venture for our school with the University of St. Thomas whereby some of their marketing students (all seniors in this field of study) undertake a project to help grow our marketing plan at St. John’s.  Mr. Kuphal, Mrs. Kuehne, and I met yesterday with this great crew that has been [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 02.03.2022

Dear St. John's Families, To refresh enthusiasm for reading as we finish the school year, we are starting a special AR Olympics for 1st-8th grade this coming week.  This aligns with the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics, too!  Goals vary by grade levels and are different from the classroom goals that teachers have established, although you can certainly accomplish both simultaneously.  AR Olympics will run from Feb. 7 to [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.27.2022

Dear St. John's Families, We’ve had a great National Lutheran Schools Week thus far! I’m certain the kids have come home sharing about all of the events and excitement. As we spend time together in so many joyful ways, it’s a wonderful reminder of the blessing that is our school. We are looking forward to opening enrollment for the public next week. It’s exciting to think about how we can [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.20.2022

Dear St. John's Families, Next week, we will be celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week. The post on the LCMS website this week reminds us that “National Lutheran Schools Week provides more than 1,800 preschools, elementary schools, and high schools with the public opportunity to proclaim and celebrate God’s work among us in schools of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. We thank God for the opportunity to provide excellent academic preparation for [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 01.13.2022

Dear St. John's Families, We’re excited to open enrollment to you as our current families for the 2022-23 school year!  It is extremely important that you meet the deadline of Jan. 31 to re-enroll for several reasons.  We’ve had a steady influx of interest throughout this school year, and we do have new families poised to enroll on Feb. 1.  We want to fulfill our commitment to our current families, [...]

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Eagle Connection All School Newsletter 01.06.2022

Thanks to Our Subs! We often say that “it takes a village” to raise our children, but the same holds true for our school.  It’s proven this year that it “takes a village” to keep our students in-person every day!  To be frank, without our incredible substitute teaching staff, there are several weeks this year that we would have had to shift to distance learning.  It is such a blessing [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 12.16.21

Merry Christmas to All! Dear St. John’s Families, Our entire faculty and staff would like to thank you for sending your children to St. John’s, for working to manage the challenges set before all of us with patience and kindness, and for being a part of the woven fabric that is this family.  We joyously look forward to some rest and pray that you will find it, too, as we [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 12.09.2021

Updated Christmas Program Information In order to protect the tradition of our beautiful annual Christmas program and the health of our student body, we will adjust a few components of the program to allow for our parents and families to join us in person on Friday, December 17. Preschool-8th grade choirs will perform in the 1:30pm daytime performance.   K-8th grade will perform again in the evening performance at 7:00pm.  Students [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 12.02.21

Give Thanks, Give Back! It is with great joy and thankfulness that we can announce that proceeds raised at the 8th Annual Gala totaled $95,000!  Thank you for your participation and generosity.  It was a spectacular evening filled with memory-making, games, delicious desserts, and robust bidding!  Your contributions as sponsors of tables, donors of auction items, Gala committee members, bidders, and “Give from the Heart” donors helped us to raise [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 11.18.2021

I love the days when I get invited to see the creativity and enthusiasm of our teachers at work!   A few weeks ago, you may have caught the video on FB that highlighted the 4th graders working on a lesson about inference in my office where they had to solve the mystery of my disappearance.  Last Friday, I got to spend an hour in the 4th grade classroom listening to [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 11.11.2021

When I have the opportunity to do so, I love to share with parents about ways in which our teachers and staff are working to grow and learn through professional development.  Our preschool staff is a great example of this devotion to professional growth:   Mrs. Tori Kuehne, our preschool and ESP director, is currently enrolled in a program through Child Care Aware called a Director Credential. This program “offers valuable [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 11.04.2021

Each Wednesday, our pastors take time out of their busy schedules to visit all of our classes, and yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Ms. Fuhrman’s class during their special time with Pastor Johnson. At first, Pastor Johnson practiced some basic liturgical responses with the group, as well as the Apostles’ Creed. It wasn’t too long, though, before one little hand after another started shooting up, wiggling and waving [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 10.28.2021

Dear Families, If you have not yet experienced our fall Gala, please buy your tickets and come!  This event is a highlight for me personally every single year.  The ambiance of Rush Creek, a classy night out with other adults, the bidding war entertainment, the heartwarming video from our students, the crazy fun of the dessert dash… it’s simply wonderful.  The generosity and celebration of all God’s good gifts to [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 10.21.2021

I recently came across this side-by-side chart describing a “can’t” versus “can do” attitude.  I thought about how well some of these comparisons truly highlight a simple, but helpful shift in how we approach an obstacle, a negative mindset, a problem, etc.                CAN’T We’ve never done it before. We’ve never done it that way. We’ve already tried it. They won’t listen. We’re afraid. It’s [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 10.14.2021

Prepare for Parent/Teacher Conferences Parent/Teacher conferences will be held over the course of the next two weeks (Oct. 18-29) for every child in K-8th grade (preschool conferences are available at this time by request).  Your teacher will be the one to communicate how to sign-up for this time according to his/her availability.  You have the option to request to meet in person, and the teacher reserves the same right as [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 10.07.2021

The following article from Reading Rockets (readingrockets.org) entitled “Simple Yet Powerful Things to Do While Reading Aloud” may be helpful to parents of students in preschool and our younger grades: Most parents recognize the value of reading to a child. Books are a terrific way to share the joys of reading: interesting words, beautiful illustrations, and the keys to unlocking the mysteries of letters, sounds, and words. Recently, several researchers [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 09.30.2021

Today, our students were able to surprise our beloved retired PreK and Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Schutte, who is in hospice care at her home at this time.  Over the past weeks, our students created a personal video and made cards for Mrs. Schutte.  Today, we shared these with her along with a huge display of hearts for her front lawn to show our love and gratitude for our sister in [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 09.23.2021

Would you like to know a secret? Preschoolers can oftentimes be better for the soul than chocolate. I’ve been reminded of that a couple of times this week, and I’m so thankful for those reminders. Take today, for instance. I snuck into Ms. Fuhrman’s vibrant classroom and watched as her students learned about the letter A and it’s sound, worked together to figure out the word armadillo, and wiggled with [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 09.16.2021

Assuming you would appreciate an update prior to Monday, Mrs. Dolan will communicate via an all-school email and/or individual class emails by the end of the week. Stay tuned! It is still the intention to resume school for grades K-8 on Monday, September 20th. We appreciate you as parents and students for your patience while we worked through distance learning. We fully understand (as parents and teachers ourselves) what sacrifices [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 09.02.2021

Dear St. John’s Eagle Families, ...And we’re back!  It’s wonderful to welcome new and returning students into the building!  Many of our new families have already expressed such thankfulness for the ways in which everyone has welcomed them.  In a sense, we have a number of families who will be getting to know each other for the first time since we had limited opportunities for this last year.  Thank you [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 06.03.2021

Dear Families, It’s time to bid farewell to our amazing students as well as the 2020-21 school year and all that it has entailed!  On behalf of the school board, faculty, and staff, I’d like to THANK YOU for being such incredible team players throughout this crazy year!  We’ve been blessed by your commitment to Lutheran education, your trust, your support, your encouragement, and your cooperation.  We are so excited [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 05.27.2021

Dear Families,  Summer reading is extremely important for many reasons.  It can help to maintain and improve reading, memory, and comprehension skills, build self-esteem, increase the desire to read and encourage lifelong habits, generate interest in the library & books in general, and neutralize summer learning loss.  For these reasons, we will be making AR access available to students throughout the summer.  Watch for details in next week’s newsletter! Finding [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 05.20.2021

Dear Families,  The 8th graders have left the building...literally!  Our delightful class is headed out to explore greater MN and are very excited to do so.  We pray that their time together is full of fun, learning, bonding, and memory-making!  They are a special group.  We’ll keep the rest of our Eagle family posted on their happenings via Facebook! To read our full newsletter, click here: https://stjlutheranschool.org/eagle-connection-05-20-2021/

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 05.13.2021

Dear Families,  We are in the final stretch of our Eagle Family (virtual) FUNDays in an effort to raise funds for our lobby remodel!  While donations can be made at any time, the deadline for those counted toward classroom goals is TOMORROW, 5/14 (12:00 noon for cash/checks to the office and 7:00 PM for online donations).  Don’t forget to bid online in our Silent Auction as well!   Please continue to [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 05.06.2021

Families!  The students are having a blast this week with Eagle Family FUNDays!  PTL has coordinated many fun activities for them as we celebrate this opportunity to support St. John’s Lutheran School by raising funds for our lobby remodel.  Please continue to give generously and encourage those in your personal circles to support our students and school in this way.  We’ve set a big goal that is certainly achievable if [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 04.29.2021

It's Teacher Appreciation Week next week!  Please take a moment to thank or recognize our teachers for all that they do to support our students and families!  It's been a year of sacrifice on their part in many ways.  God has blessed our school with dedicated teachers who fulfill what we lay out as their duties in our handbook: to model Christ by loving and respecting students, keeping them safe, [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 04.22.2021

Dear Families, This week I’d like to take a moment to highlight our PTL - both volunteer members from the past and new members who will carry their legacy forward next year and beyond.  This INCREDIBLE organization within our school is a powerhouse!  They facilitate our entire school, faculty & staff, students, and families in so many ways.   PTL supports the entire school each year through its Eagle Family FUNDay [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter

Dear families, Today, I share another helpful article from Love and Logic guru, Dr. Charles Fay: Those familiar with Love and Logic hear a great deal about empathy and know that sincere empathy characterizes our approach. In fact, it’s the hub around which our entire approach revolves. In the home or classroom (real or remote), whenever we precede consequences with a sincere dose of compassion and concern, we increase the [...]

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Eagle Connection All School Newsletter 04.08.2021

Dear Families, Last year, we were unable to host our annual Eagle Family FUNDay, and we all missed this annual event dearly!  This year, even though the format still requires adjustment, we are so excited that PTL is coordinating FUNDay once again!  You should have received the flyer in your inbox.  As a reminder, all proceeds will go toward updating and refreshing our entire lobby space.  This extends from the [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.18.2021

Dear Families, Jedd Hafer with Love and Logic shares this advice in his article “We Wish Kids Would Always Be Kind”:  In Love and Logic, we often separate the things we CAN control from the things we WISH we could control. A giant wish shared by many educators and parents is that kids will always be kind to one another. Cruel comments and malicious teasing can be devastating. Sadly, our [...]

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Eagle Connection All-School Newsletter 03.11.2021

Dear Families, It’s Parent/Teacher Conference time again!  If you haven’t already, you will be meeting next week with teachers.  We are always eager for the chance to communicate with you about your child’s progress, needs, and successes.  This is a valuable time to connect and check in regarding any concerns you or the teacher may have.  We are thankful for your support as YOU are and will always be the [...]

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Eagle Connection 03.04.2021 All-School Newsletter

Dear Families, In my talks with parents, I often hear these words:  “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”  This could be relative to a behavioral, academic, or mental health concern.  Let’s be honest.  What parent hasn’t experienced that feeling in some way at some time?! At St. John’s, we have adopted the Love & Logic approach to discipline.  Consistency between what we do here at school and what [...]

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Eagle Connection 02.25.2021 All-School Newsletter

Dear Families, It is with great joy and thanksgiving to God that we welcome the newest member of our St. John’s family… SOPHIA RAE born to Brittany and Adam Strohschein on February 24, 2021!  We are so excited to meet her and pray that all continues to go well for the Strohschein family of three! Mrs. Strohschein has served us faithfully as a PreK teacher for the past three years.  [...]

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Eagle Connection 02.18.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, The State of Minnesota has announced the launch of the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector, which is a tool that helps Minnesotans find out when, where and how to get their COVID-19 vaccine. This system is a proactive way for all Minnesotans to indicate their interest in receiving a vaccine, so that when they become eligible, they can be alerted and connected to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment. [...]

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Eagle Connection 02.11.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, As we approach Valentine’s Day, it’s a lovely time to think about how much we all love the children.  It’s an equally fine opportunity to ponder how much we love our teachers and staff!  I found another Love & Logic article by Charles Fay that speaks to this perfectly.  It will likely make you smile! First of all, I’d like to apologize to the many teachers of my [...]

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Eagle Connection 02.04.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, This week, I’m sharing a recent Love & Logic article by Jedd Hafer on the topic of teaching children about respectfulness: Do you know any kids who run the risk of having unpleasant experiences with authority figures?  We see more instances of young people who fail to show basic respect and/or follow simple directions of police officers, teachers, and other authority figures. This phenomenon often produces sad results.  [...]

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Eagle Connection 01.28.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, Happy National Lutheran Schools Week!  What a BLESSING to be part of a Lutheran school community!  I know I speak for the entire faculty & staff when I tell you that we are blessed to be “Sent to Serve” (our school theme for this year) here at St. John’s.  Thank you for sending your children to this Lutheran school and for your support of their education.  It is [...]

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Eagle Connection 01.21.2021 all-school newsletter

January 25th – 29th is a week of nationwide celebration in Lutheran Schools as teachers, staff, and students celebrate Lutheran Schools and Lutheran Education. We praise God for our Lutheran Schools where we can learn about God and share our faith with each other! The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod has provided the following information about National Lutheran Schools Week: National Lutheran Schools Week provides the network of over 1,900 LCMS [...]

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Eagle Connection 01.14.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, This week provides a chance to share with you about the final stage of our Eagle Community Building time each Friday this year: Morning Message!  As a review, the components I’ve unpacked for you thus far are Greeting, Sharing, and Group Activity.  Morning Message provides information and academic reinforcement through a message written by the teacher.  Students read the message as they enter the room and later the [...]

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Eagle Connection 01.07.2021 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, Happy New Year, St. John’s Eagles!  On behalf of the faculty and staff here at St. John’s, I want to thank you for your patience, dedication, and sacrifice during this school year as we’ve all partnered together so that our children can be at school in person during the ongoing pandemic.  We’ve been so blessed by God to have made it this far into the school year with [...]

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Eagle Connection 12.17.20 all-school newsletter

About 700 years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah shares the Christmas Good News, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given.” The Child and Son is Jesus. Isaiah shares the Good News that Jesus is born for us. Jesus was born for all the people of the Old Testament who had believed that God would keep His promise. Jesus was born for Mary [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 12.10.2020

Dear Families, Focusing back on our Eagle Community Building as promised, I wanted to finish outlining the process for you.  The next piece to share with you focuses on the Group Activity portion of ECB.  Group activities are brief, fast-paced, and involve the entire class.  They could connect to something academic, or they could be purely focused on building community in the class.  As identified in The Morning Meeting Book, [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 12.03.2020

Dear Families, Each FIRST Friday of the month means there’s a special “treat” in store for our students!  We often make it a surprise, but we also know that you may enjoy a sneak peek into what we have planned.  Tomorrow everyone will wear their pajamas, enjoy a little treat, and sit back during lunch for a short viewing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  This selection was not made arbitrarily.  [...]

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Eagle Connection 11.25.2020 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, As we transition back to school after this much-needed break, it will be increasingly important to be diligent about our protocols.  Please take a moment to review the following expectations. No matter whether we are in-person learning or distance learning, you should STAY HOME and notify the school in the following instances immediately: -If your student is sick or if anyone in your household has any COVID-related symptoms listed on [...]

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Eagle Connection 11.19.2020 all-school newsletter

Dear Families, With a period of distance learning ahead of us this next week, I wanted to make you aware of a few things! What happens in two days of distance learning next week will not be completely indicative of how it may need to work during a longer period of distance learning.  While we have been practicing and working with K-8th students in Google Classroom since the start of [...]

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Eagle Connection 11.12.2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, In sharing about each component of Eagle Community Building (ECB), today we focus on SHARING as part of the process.  As laid out in The Morning Meeting Book by Roxann Kriete, there are three main categories of sharing: Around-the-circle: Everyone shares on a topic Partner: Students pair up for a short conversation Dialogue: A few students share and the rest of the class responds with questions or comments [...]

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Eagle Connection 11.05. 2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, As I mentioned last week, I will be sharing about each component of Eagle Community Building (ECB) in the next few newsletters.  Today, we focus on the GREETING as part of the process.  As laid out in The Morning Meeting Book by Roxann Kriete, there are several purposes for greetings: Set a positive tone for the classroom and the day Provide a sense of recognition and belonging Help [...]

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Eagle Connection 10.29.2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, Know what it feels like to have one of those glorious days when things click into place, your vision for something is fulfilled, and the world around you feels like a happy place in which to be?  For me, that happened last Friday in our school building!  With a focus on the steady building of a positive school culture and the social emotional well-being of our students, we’ve [...]

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Eagle Connection 10.22.2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, Our school has chosen the theme shared by many other LCMS schools - Sent to Serve.  Our synod supports the use of the theme in schools with “Chapel Talks”.  Here is this coming week’s message for LCMS schools as a reminder of our freedoms and our service to others: Martin Luther heard many “I have to...” messages. From his father, Martin heard, “You have to go to school [...]

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Eagle Connection 10.15.2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, From our beloved Love & Logic guru, Charles Fay, comes this advice about effective consequences: Have you ever been at a complete loss for an effective consequence? One of the most common requests we get is: “Can you give us a list of consequences?” The reason you won’t find this in any of our materials is that effective discipline involves far more than simply picking the right consequence. [...]

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Eagle Connection 10.08.2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, It’s that time of year again when we get to intentionally talk about each child’s start to the school year during parent/teacher conferences.  The teachers are preparing data for the conferences and taking the necessary time to individually consider your child as a whole person when you sit down together.  The following is a list of potential questions you may wish to ask your child’s teacher to ensure [...]

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Eagle Connection 10.01.2020 all school newsletter

Dear Families, As we address the daily circumstances unfolding within school due to COVID-19, I want to clarify a few things that have become apparent relative to absences and distance learning. The faculty is constantly evaluating the needs of students at this time and how we meet those needs across a wide spectrum of ages and grades when students are absent.  The “Teaching and Learning” section of our COVID Preparedness [...]

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Eagle Connection 9.24.20 all school newsletter

Dear Families, Check out this helpful article about empathy from Dr. Charles Fay with Love and Logic (our discipline model at St. John’s): “Those who understand Love and Logic know that sincere empathy is the cornerstone upon which the entire house is built. It’s the gift that allows our children to learn wisdom from life’s trials and tribulations, rather than developing discouragement and resentment.  Empathy demonstrates love. Love provides hope.  [...]

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Eagle Connection 9.17.2020 All School Newsletter

Dear Families, Everyone needs a little fun in a year when things are all but normal!  Yesterday, Mrs. Kalk and I gathered our upper grade students together for a quick check-in.  In our little chat, we shared some of the things they could expect at St. John’s in a “normal “year.  Because so many of our typical activities are “on hold” for awhile, we are mixing it up here at [...]

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Eagle Connection 9.10.2020 all-school newsletter

Dear Parents, I am excited to announce our plan this year for chapel offerings!  Please read this letter entirely as we embark on a joint effort between school and home.  We need your help! Our school theme this year is “Sent to Serve” which presents us with a beautiful reminder of God’s purpose for each of us.  While we are not yet able to gather physically as an entire school [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 9.03.20

Dear Parents, Faculty, Pastors, Staff, and Students, May I take a moment to say thank you?! Parents, you have stepped up to ask good questions, support your children, learn new procedures, give generous dollars towards needs and wishes, and offer encouragement.  You are amazing, strong, and supportive! Teachers, you have invested countless hours to ready your classrooms, open your hearts to our students and their families, develop creative ways to [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 8.28.20

Hope in the Lord A message from Mrs. Dolan, Administrator Dear Parents, Enjoy the final weekend before school starts on MONDAY! If you haven’t received the email that I sent on August 25 entitled “A Must-Read Message from St. John’s”, please let the school office know as it contains important messaging about the school year and our approach. Thank you for engaging in “Tell the Teacher More” time with your [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 8.21.20

Dear Parents, As children return to school, we are working hard to ensure that their transition back to in-person learning is as supported as possible! The faculty met together for several days this week to share in God’s word, prepare for teaching, understand our COVID Preparedness Plan, discuss operational changes, and engage in professional development around solid social-emotional support of our students. As part of this focus on the whole [...]

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Eagle Connection Back-To-School 2020 Newsletter

Dear St. John's Eagles, Amidst the madness of planning...and adjusting...and more planning, I'm so touched by your many generous notes of joy, thankfulness, and support regarding our plans for this upcoming school year!  Your words lift my heart and are a reminder that we are doing all of this for our children - one of God's greatest gifts. We join with Lutheran schools across the nation who will share our [...]

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School Planning Update

This information was sent via email on 7.8.20... Dear St. John’s Families, I pray that the sunshine and warm summer months are offering you some rest and relaxation!  Thank you to so many parents for your survey responses so that we can fully understand a variety of perspectives.  Thank you for your commitment to St. John’s as we move forward.  Thanks, too, for your patience as we wait for those yearbooks to arrive! [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 5.21.20

Click here to read the Eagle Connection all-school newsletter for 5.21.20 This is our last all-school newsletter of the school year.  It includes: How to Sum Up This Year: Blessed – a letter from Mrs. Dolan Material Drop-Off – sign up for a spot on May 27-28 Grade-Specific Checklist – review for all the things that need to be returned to school Drive-In Graduation details We Love Our 8th Grade [...]

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How to Sum Up This Year: Blessed

Dear Families, It is bittersweet that we must wrap up our year without getting to be in the presence of one another fully!  It is a relief for all of us that distance learning is drawing to a close and we may catch a glimpse of someone during the drop-off of materials next week, but we’ll miss our closing service, school picnic on a sunny day, good-bye hugs, and after-parties.  [...]

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Changes in Tech Time That Might Make Them Feel Better

Dear Families, This week I share an article recently written by physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston on screenagersmovie.com.  Although the article is long, I think it includes valuable information about how some changes in tech time could help our children (and us) feel better.  She writes… “Understandably most young people are on screens a ton right now. Thank goodness there are all sorts of great things made possible via screen [...]

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Eagle Connection all-school newsletter 5.7.20

Click here to read the Eagle Connection all-school newsletter for 5.7.20 It includes: Small Choices Around Schoolwork - a message from Mrs. Dolan Save the Date for "Drive-In" Graduation Tuition Assistance Applications due June 15th PTL Board Nominations due by May 31st Learn.Pray.Grow. for next week and more    

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Small Choices Around School Work

Dear Families, This week, we turn to expert Dr. Charles Fay from the Love and Logic Institute to provide some parenting tips.  He recently wrote… “Now that schools have closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, how can parents best help their children learn and complete work while avoiding counterproductive power struggles? Much of the answer involves sharing control within the boundaries of firm yet loving limits. It’s an old concept [...]

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